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@lee hey! when you say analysis runner I’m thinking of the files in here but there’s not a lot of post processing going on there IIRC.


Definitely open to extract the stuff we use from codox into it’s own project and I’m realizing that I might have said I’d do that a few times 🙂


This has some stuff I did a few months ago. Working towards what I think you’re describing above. Dropped the ball mid air 🙂


For naming I was just thinking of cljdoc-analyzer but I’m all in for a cooler name


thanks @martinklepsch, cljdoc-analyzer sounds fine as a project name to me (my current working name is metadata-interpretata simple_smile). Yeah that’s the analysis runner I’m talking about. There’s not a ton of post-processing, but I thought why not just have cljdoc-analyzer return the data we actually want (this might have been just me being impatient trying to get the data I want for my own purposes simple_smile). I’m also trying to keep in mind that this project might be useful to others. For example, I wonder if codox would be interested in delegating analysis to cljdoc-analyzer. And clj-kondo can’t possibly ever know all the metadata manipulations projects do, maybe the output from cljdoc-analyzer could be useful to it somehow. Do you have thoughts on this? Were you focusing only on cljdoc-only usage or keeping the broader community in mind?


If we can build something that’s useful for the broader community I’m all for that! :) if you want we can have a short call some time to discuss this. My email address is <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> - send me an invite to something if you feel like :)


thanks, I will ponder a bit first. I’ll check with weavejester if he is at all interested. If not, then carefully maintaining compatibility with his world is probably not worth the investment.


I pinged the man, the legend, weavejester.


@martinklepsch I’ll muck around under for now with the plan to transfer to cljdoc org when things stabilize a bit.

🙌 8