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Nick Stares13:03:15

Is it possible to download the code examples from using cljdoc?


@nickstares0 The answer is probably "No.", but what specifically do you mean when you say "download"?

Nick Stares13:03:21

Well I know that cljdoc has some form of offline doc capability, so I wondered if there was any integration with


Also welcome 🙂

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Yeah, there's been some work on examples but I ended up putting it on pause because to really be valuable to library authors those examples would need to be runnable/testable — otherwise they will just create more work for library authors — and perhaps a bad experience for users as well.

Nick Stares13:03:15

Ah, I see. Well thanks for your answer!


You're welcome, don't hesitate to ask more questions if/when they come up 🙂

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