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@jayzawrotny whoops, just saw this again, sorry for the delay 😅


@jayzawrotny it looks like you're building docs for a leiningen template, which is not really supported very well

eccentric J19:02:31

Ah ok, thought that may be the case and as I thought about it the less sense it made to generate docs at all. The README is probably just fine, thanks for looking into it.


I suppose a list of files or directories to ignore would solve this?


Oh actually


I might have a better fix


hmm, you're not using tools.namespace directly?


Sorry, that was more directed at martin & cljdoc

eccentric J21:02:25

oh! My mistake sorry


at dinner now will reply later, we use codox under the hood which may use tools namespace, not 100% sure


:cljdoc.api/namespaces could one use this to perform the appropriate filtering perhaps? currently it's restricted to just the hardcoded things though 🙂


I can't see how namespaces are found normally


maybe analysis is the wrong place


now I know where to look though 🙂

dominicm19:02:52 looks like it does use it yeah, okay. So you're basically running into TNS-45. There is a JUXT fork of tns which applies the patches there, but it requires a bit of annoying work (globally excluding tools.namespace). Doing that would fix the problem though. You could probably monkey patch tns from cljdoc if you wanted.

dominicm19:02:02 tns-45 is the bane of my existence 🙂


I have considered going on a crusade like nrepl did with a forked version of tns which fixes this. I think tns has more users though, so might be harder, and it doesn't seem to bother that many people?