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@dawranliou Thanks! I was actually wondering about supplying a remote URL to in some way, but the local option good to know and maybe a start on a remote implementation. I think this could be a useful feature in general but also in light of deps.edn-based projects using git urls instead of publishing to clojars or maven


@alex-dixon Ah! I misunderstood this too then. Just for context: cljdoc analyzes jars to extract API information and Git repositories for articles, versioned source links, etc. I think Daw-Ran and I thought you only want to specify an alternative Git repo but if I understand correctly you want to provide a Git repo which will be used as input for both of these steps?


Yes. The thing that made me want that feature was


It's possible to make this work but it would likely also require a significant amount of effort. Given that this is a fairly uncommon case (at least for now) I'll likely not spend time on this in the near future. If you want to see this you are welcome to contribute of course! (I'd be happy to provide pointers/ideas/constraints in that case)

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Good to know about the local option. That’s another use case I think I have too 😊