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I’m trying to republish docs for a SNAPSHOT build. I’ve clicked the hidden “rebuild” button, but from looking at the logs for circleci job, it looks like it’s still downloading an older version of the snapshot jar


Is using the “rebuild” for snapshot the best way to check my doc changes? I’d like to confirm the docs look good before my next release to avoid needing to do another release just to fix docs


For context, I’ve published expound-0.7.2-20181215.030535-8.jar to clojars, but this job ( seems to indicate cljdoc is downloading expound-0.7.2-20181210.031342-7.jar


I may be misunderstanding how SNAPSHOT builds work


Sometimes it takes a while for a new snapshot to be picked up. I’m not entirely sure why this is but I guess it’s either the Clojars CDN or CircleCI already having the previous SNAPSHOT in a cache somewhere (SNAPSHOTS are usually refreshed once in 24hrs)


For now the recommended way to verify your changes will look as expected is to run cljdoc locally:


This is a bit more involved and there is an issue about making this easier but it’ll take time to get there


It'll be the CircleCI Maven cache that is caching snapshot checking


I can’t run it locally right now since my hard drive suddenly died late last night. I will try a rebuild via website when I get home - enough time has passed that the newer snapshot may be available on circle. Thanks for your help!


Hello, I have added an ADR for the caching system that stores data from multiple data sources to make it available for rendering docs: Please feel free to share your thoughts 🙂

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