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@dawranliou @vincent.cantin as I understand your PRs are WIP — let me know when you want feedback on them 🙂

Daw-Ran Liou16:11:40

Yup I'm still working on it. Was taking a vacation earlier 🙂

Daw-Ran Liou16:11:56

Thanks for following up


no worries, just wasn't sure if you were waiting on me 🙂


what did you do for vacationing? 🙂

Daw-Ran Liou21:11:30

Well I spent a lot of time playing God of War and tennis hahaha. I don't usually play video games but this game is sick.


I've been considering getting God of War! I really enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn and it seems to go in a similar direction gameplay wise


That said I tend to buy more games than I get to play. I love playing Rocket League from time to time though 😄

Daw-Ran Liou21:11:28

I can not compare god of war with the games you mentioned but I really enjoyed it so far! The game has changed a lot from its predecessors. It’s very refreshing to me


You’ll have to play horizon zero dawn next then

Daw-Ran Liou23:11:03

Sure I’ll give it a try when I beat God of War!


@martinklepsch thank you for stickers!

🙌 4

My pleasure! 🙂