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Daw-Ran Liou03:10:43

Hi @martinklepsch would you help me to find another issue to work on next? Some of the issues seems quite daunting to me even though they are tagged as good-first-issue 😅

Daw-Ran Liou03:10:34

I was also thinking about working on improving the 404 page with your suggestions on my previous PR

Daw-Ran Liou03:10:39

What do you think?


Hey @U7PQH43PS, so you have any preferred stuff that you’d like to work on? Like maybe more frontend focused or maybe you want to see a different part of the codebase, or...


Also happy to pair on something more complex if that’s something you think you would enjoy


Improving the 404 further is also a good idea of course. I was also thinking we could link to the current version of an artifact if the URL is “within” a uniquely identifiable artifact, eg. /d/reagent/reagent/0.0.0-not-found/doc/readme could show a link to /d/reagent/reagent/CURRENT/ since that is closest to what the user is looking for


Some other things that could be good options: Both require getting familiar with the database and have some frontend/rendering component


@martinklepsch are deploys done manually after merging PRs?


Considered automating but I kind of want PRs to be merged quickly and by other contributors as well and automatic deploys might make that too intimidating


As long as all tests had to pass before deploy I think it could be good


It’s more motivating to see a change you made become immediately available


I try to deploy fast


But I see your point 😄


Another issue with this is that we don’t have “no downtime deploys” so every time we deploy we have about a minute of downtime


Hi. I just tried to add the search field from as a keyword to my firefox, so I can quickly search But the context menu is missing the "Add a Keyword for this Search..." item. Probably because the search field is is not embedded in a html form. 😞


@U2ERGD6UD hey 👋 the search is actually not really provided by cljdoc but just asks Clojars for matching projects (purely JS/client based). Due to that there’s not currently a search results page that you could request via a URL/HTTP request.


Feel free to open an issue 🙂