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I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled when I heard the news that SebastianZ (not sure if he's here on the Clojurians Slack) had recently completed the implementation of custom object formatters in Firefox 116. I use both Safari and Firefox as the primary browsers for personal purposes and work. Being able to see Clojure data structures presented in their native forms in Firefox really made a huge different in the development experience. Now that both Google Chrome and Firefox have this feature, I've been wondering what it could take to implement this in Safari/WebKit as well. I know WebKit is open source but I'm not too familiar with its development process. While browsing their issue tracker, I found that's been languishing since 2016. Would it be possible to sponsor SebastianZ to work on this if a) SebastianZ is interested in it and b) the Safari/WebKit team is willing to accept contributions? The Safari/WebKit team, as far as I know, have some developers who were originally on the Firefox team at Mozilla. SebastianZ, on the other hand, was involved in the development of Firebug. The hope is that there might be some kind of close personal/professional relationships between these folks that can help with the effort and SebastianZ might just be the right developer who can pull this off given his background and experience.


Good idea! I’ll contact Sebastian and see what he thinks

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Thanks, Daniel! 🙌


Hey, can you explain more about how Custom formatters would be useful in Safari? Do you develop in Safari?


I know most developers use Google Chrome for development but I’ve been using Safari (occasionally, Firefox for cross-browser compatibility testing) for both personal purposes and work and I know a few people who do so, too. I use Safari for its emphasis on privacy as well as its anti-tracking and fingerprinting features. It’s also a solid browser that meets my needs for development and thus don’t see any reason to use Google Chrome.