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📣 clj-otel release 0.1.4 is out: • Added support for including source code semantic attributes when creating spans. By default, attributes identifying the namespace, line number and source file path are included in spans created by with-span!, with-span-binding, and async-span • Updated Pedestal HTTP server span support to always add route data to server spans • Bumped OpenTelemetry deps to 1.15.0. This has prompted all modules clj-otel-exporter-otlp-* to be merged to a new module clj-otel-exporter-otlp • Bumped (optional) gRPC dep to 1.47.0 • Bumped various build deps


@danieljomphe You may be interested to try out the added support for source code semantic attributes. CODE_NAMESPACE, CODE_FILEPATH and CODE_LINENO are now automatically added by all clj-otel functions that create spans. I failed to find a satisfactory way to add CODE_FUNCTION though, so you'll need to add that manually if you need it.

Daniel Jomphe14:07:21

Thanks Steffan! Back from vacation now, I'll be sure to check this out in 0.1.4 soon.

Daniel Jomphe14:08:56

Finally going ahead with this bump. So the impact on our deps.edn is the following.


That updated deps.edn looks fine to me :thumbsup::skin-tone-3:

Daniel Jomphe20:08:55

And the project seems to work just fine with the new code, too. Thanks Steffan


Did you try trimming down or removing your opts-for-code function?

Daniel Jomphe20:08:35

I decided to not trim it for now, to split the impact of the upgrade. Recently we don't observe much things with otel but when we do more of that (soon, I think), I'll try trimming it down to see if it works fine with the default attributes you added.