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Has anyone had any experiences with the instrumentation agent increasing startup times significantly? It doesn't seem to make a difference on my laptop, but application startup time in AWS fargate has increased significantly. I've worked around this for now by setting OTEL_INSTRUMENTATION_COMMON_DEFAULT_ENABLED=false and then opting into each of the instrumentation types individually, which seems to help. It still takes longer to start up than without the agent, but it's something.


For questions on OpenTelemetry not specific to clj-otel, you'll be more likely to get help in one of the OpenTelemetry channels in the CNCF Slack. I suggest #otel-java-instrumentation or #otel-java. See details about the Slack here :

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Louise Klodt08:09:53

Hi @U06M4ST0F, we're experiencing the same issue with increased start-up times after adding the auto-instrumentation agent to our Clojure apps. Disabling defaults and enabling only what is needed (as you suggested above), did help to reduce the start-up times back to sane levels. Another option is to ditch the auto-agent and manually instrument, though that comes with obvious other trade-offs.

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