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Rowan Barnard10:03:41

Hi Sean, I'm trying to create a Luminus template but it doesn't seem to be working. I put in clojure -X:new :template luminus :name Rowan/guestbook \ :output '"mywebapp"' :args '["+h2" "+http-kit"]' on the commandline and got this output : Unreadable arg: "\\" The only thing I can think of is that maybe I am using the wrong slashes because Windows? I also do not understand why the extra slash is needed before the :output argument. It is there on other examples on your clj-new page under 'Example Usage'.

Rowan Barnard11:03:35

Oh yeah and one more thing, can I specify the template version with this and how would I do that if so?


@flyingpython What is that \ in the middle for?


(! 1061)-> clojure -X:new :template luminus :name Rowan/guestbook :output '"mywebapp"' :args '["+h2" "+http-kit"]'
Downloading: luminus/lein-template/maven-metadata.xml from clojars
Generating a Luminus project.
☝️:skin-tone-2: Works.

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Rowan Barnard23:03:15

Thank you very much Sean - the slash in the middle was there in your examples on it is in 2 examples there - the one for Luminus and the one for re-frame

Rowan Barnard23:03:18

Ah looking closer at it now, I am guessing it is like a slash for newline as it occurs right before a new line in both examples, I am feeling silly again 😅 Man why do computers have to make slashes so confusing?


Ah, yes, macOS/Linux use \ to escape a newline. No idea what Windows does for splitting commands across multiple lines.