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Jacob Taylor-Hindle09:03:15

Hey all 👋 Is there any way I can warn against the usage of specific tagged literals (e.g. #inst)? I imagine I have to create a custom lint but wanted to check to make sure I'm not missing anything.


@U04SBRBM4CF currently there is :config-in-tag but I'm not sure how this lets you warn on the usage of that tag :)


:config-in-tag {inst {...}}


maybe we need a new issue for this

Jacob Taylor-Hindle09:03:51

Thanks! I'll take a look 🙂


:discouraged-tag would make sense, since we have it for -var and -namespace

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If anyone wants to have a go at the PR for this: it's pretty straightforward since it's similar to existing linters.

Jacob Taylor-Hindle12:03:30

I'm happy to take a look! Are there any PRs you can recommend I use as a reference?


Yes, the implementation of :discouraged-var etc


just use search on github and look at the code

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Jacob Taylor-Hindle16:03:16

Had a first go at it, though it's not fully working yet -


Cool! I think it make sense to do the check at the same spot where we handle :config-in-tag - this should catch all occurrences

Jason Whitlark16:03:27

Wrong “@Ja” 😆

Jacob Taylor-Hindle14:03:54

Thanks for the quick turnaround @U04V15CAJ 🙂


@U04SBRBM4CF you too!

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