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Drew Verlee18:08:02

Is it possible to call functions from the repl? Or just i bb script my way to having this called on all my dep changes? Also, this is amazing ❤️ .


Thanks! What prevents you calling this from the REPL?

Drew Verlee15:08:59

maybe nothing, i'll go try 🙂

Drew Verlee20:08:10

is there a way to get clj-kondo to only return errors?

Drew Verlee20:08:50

i guess i can easily do this filtering on my end

Drew Verlee20:08:50

but i'm guessing there is a more systmetic way to review at least review these changes. I guess that would mean some sort of emacs integration though? Like a here is a list of warnings tab through them with a approval step if it's automatically changeable.

Drew Verlee20:08:42

or if i want clj-kondo to take the wheel and make all the changes it knows about.


you can grep errors on the command line, there isn't currently something to only output errors, but it's a common enough question to log an issue for

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clj-kondo doesn't make any changes to your code, it only gives lint warnings. clojure-lsp builds on top of clj-kondo analysis + linting and does fix some of those automatically

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