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Jacob Emcken11:02:46

I am getting an "unresolved symbol" error from a custom macro and was trying to solve it using the example from the documentation about (riemann.streams/streams [where]) At the risk of over simplifying my problem, I want to be able to call my macro with any name, like so:

(custom-macros/with-dinner water blueberry-pie
Is it possible to individual names from usage to usage and not being limited to be using only generics drinks and food everywhere? But I am also not interested in just ignoring everything inside the macro.


@jacob429 I think a better option is to write a hook for this macro. This allows you to have finer control over how the macroexpansion in clj-kondo should behave

Jacob Emcken16:02:44

Thanks, 🙂 I'll look into hooks then


@jacob429 Another option is to put #_:clj-kondo/ignore directly before the unresolved symbol