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Announcement! clojure-extras, an IntelliJ plugin which brings clj-kondo + inline-eval to Cursive, v0.5.0! It now has an option to analyze the classpath with clj-kondo for better linting results, and more! Join the #clj-extras-plugin to discuss the plugin in detail.


Does this provide support for hooks in any way? Like could i teach cursive about my macros now, or is that functionality still requiring clojure-lsp


yes, supported


as far as linting is concerned. navigation etc is still isolated in cursive itself


i’ll need to try it out. that could be a game changer


I have a library which defines some resources/clj-kondo.exports. In a separate application, which uses that library as a dependency, after clojure-lsp initializes and runs clj-kondo stuff I end up with a .clj-kondo/my.lib folder. However, I don’t have a .clj-kondo/config.edn in my application, nor in my ~/.config/clj-kondo directory. It was my impression that a config.edn containing a {:config-paths ["my/lib"]} would be required to pull in the lib’s stuff. Does clj-kondo scan the classpath automatically for resources/clj-kondo.exports` directories, and import them automatically?


@sashton clojure-lsp runs clj-kondo with --copy-configs while linting your classpath, this is why it copies them to your local config. it also creates a .clj-kondo dir if doesn't exist yet. in recent versions, clj-kondo automatically loads the exported config from your config dir, so there is no need for :config-paths anymore for exported configs.


So it sounds like I won’t need to use config-paths in this case? Or is config-paths for a separate use-case?


for this case you don't need it, you may still need it in some cases, e.g. when exporting a config for your own library and you would like to use it in linting for the same project


makes sense, thanks!