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👋 Hello everyone We want to use Kondo in your Github Actions, I'm taking a look at However what I'm trying to figure out is, does kondo finding a problem will block my merge? I want something more flexible like being able to see the problems found as annotations, but if i want to merge, it won't stop me from doing so I know this have nothing to do directly with Kondo, but maybe someone already did something more flexibile on GH Actions


Don't know if that is configurable. I would expect so. Perhaps Github Actions supports this regardless of the action. Let's ask @delaguardo

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@matthewlisp It seems you can use continue-on-error


Thank you very much @borkdude I think this will do 😄

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@borkdude I tried with continue-on-error but, some how it's failling. Or we understand in wrong way?


Some checks were not successful, but you can still merge, isn't this what you want?


Well yes, but I think the way I want to work is change the way of CI work, that change the icon act like warn icon not error icon


I'm not sure how this should be done. Perhaps @U7ERLH6JX or @delaguardo know.


Let's continue in this thread.


Based on how i remember GH API there's no warn status for jobs. Only success or failure

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Maybe they change it recently but i can't check it right now


theres this status or conclusion called neutral which probably is the closest to what you want i guess but theres no good way to set it it seems. see: • exit code 78 was supposed to set it and even the REST api documents it but not sure if it can be used.


maybe it could be done via an api call to but it would be quite cumbersome, @delaguardo would probably know better 😄


An alternative would be to set all linter levels to :info in your clj-kondo config ;)


or :warning


There is also a --fail-level setting for clj-kondo, but I don't know if that works with @delaguardo’s plugin


Looks like we can set it via the js sdk: probably we need it as a feature in the clojure-lint-action. cc @delaguardo