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is feasible to get and an “unused binding” warning for x here?

(defprotocol Foo
  (y [_ bar baz]))

(defn f []
  (reify Foo
    (y [_ x z]
      (println z))))

(y (f) "a" "b")


I'll make a similar issue for defprotocol and reify

Noah Bogart17:11:26

I’m using the mongodb library monger, and it defines a bunch of mongo-specific query operators, such as $or. These are in the namespace monger.operators , all defined with a macro:

Noah Bogart17:11:59

because of this, usage of the operators in my code give unresolve-var errors: [monger.operators :refer [$or]]

Noah Bogart17:11:10

any ideas for a solution here?


@nbtheduke {:lint-as {monger.operators clojure.core/def}} and then re-lint your dependency


optimally that config should be exported as part of the library itself

Noah Bogart17:11:56

oh wow, that’s easy