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I'm trying to come up with an appropriate clj-kondo config for Fulcro mutations, Specifically this form:

(defmutation add-person [params]
  (action [env] ...)
  (remote [env] ...)
  (rest [env] ...)
  (ok-action [env] ...)
  (error-action [env] ...))
Currently my config looks like:
 { clojure.core/let
  com.fulcrologic.fulcro.components/defsc clojure.core/defn
  com.fulcrologic.fulcro.mutations/defmutation clojure.core/defn
  com.wsscode.pathom.connect/defresolver clojure.core/defn}
   [(com.fulcrologic.fulcro.mutations/defmutation [action error-action ok-action remote])]}}}}
This works, but I also want to have action, error-action, etc. treated like defn too. Is this possible?


I activated discussions on clj-kondo: Nice way for archiving Q/A.


@tvaughan Hmm, that looks similar to defprotocol or defrecord but not quite. I think your best best is to exclude all unresolved symbols or better, write a hook for fulcro and submit it to or the fulcro repo itself (


Looks like I'll need to write a hook. Thanks for the pointer @borkdude

Aleksander Rendtslev09:12:18

@tvaughan let me know if you're jamming on this. I might take a stab at it today with the documentation borkdude posted below, but you'll probably get there faster if you're going for it


Hey @U01DH13SK8E I won’t get to this until next week. Please go for it. I’ll be happy to play tester if you’d like