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hello šŸ‘‹ is it possible to have kondo lint for line lengths? iā€™d like to enforce a character limit


currently clj-kondo is not doing anything with formatting and whitespace related information. there might be tools that are more focused on that like

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@dehli or you can write a simple babashka script:

$ cat | bb -i -e '(run! (fn [[i l]] (when (> (count l) 80) (println "Line" i "is too long"))) (map vector (range) *input*))'
Line 13 is too long
Line 19 is too long
Line 21 is too long
Line 46 is too long
Line 71 is too long


awesome, thanks so much! i love babashka šŸ™‚


You could even make that spit out line/col info so you can hook it up to flycheck

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