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Clj-kondo v2020.10.10 New: shadowed var linter and various improvements and fixes Release notes: This release is funded by Clojurists Together.

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Luis Santos11:10:59

Hi Maybe this is an existing feature but I cannot find information about it. Would it be possible to annotate a macro, using metadata, with lint-as rule so that I can have out-of-box linting support? And if not is there a technical limitation or would it be a bad practice to do this? Thanks for all great work.


@luis559 Hi. This is not supported, since that would rely on clj-kondo linting the source of your macro in the right order, or at all and clj-kondo is not designed in such a way: it's designed to deal with incomplete information. A better way is to PR your config here: and then install the config using that lib.


I'm still considering something like picking up config from the classpath, but it's not yet clear


I think the config library could also be made to handle that


So then users could provide a clj-kondo.config/ directory on the classpath


and this will then be copied, or something like that

Luis Santos11:10:36

The classpath option sounds promising as well. Thanks for explanation. Looking forward to see how it evolves. Thanks.