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echo '(require '\'' "cat" 1)' | clj-kondo --lint -
pretty cool that we now get errors for formatting. How would I go about making clj-kondo recognize the matching functions from timbre ( )
echo '(require '\''taoensso.timbre)(taoensso.timbre/logf "cat" 1)' | clj-kondo --lint -                                                                                                                                                                          130 ↵
linting took 6ms, errors: 0, warnings: 0


@tanzoniteblack if timbre uses the exact same syntax as or clojure.core/format, you can use :lint-as

Grant Isom20:07:41

@borkdude Is there a way to use use multiple config files in the vscode extension? My cli command is clj-kondo --lint src --config .clj-kondo/project_config.edn and am trying to add the proj specific linters to what is used in VSCode.


Currently not. Why don't you rename .clj-kondo/project_config.edn to .clj-kondo/config.edn? Then it will work

Grant Isom20:07:51

We have a global linter file we share between a bunch of projects, then have config files that are merged with specific things per project.


@grant.isom Right. I think it's best to write a script that uses clj-kondo.core/merge-configs to spit out the merged config in your .clj-kondo/config.edn. You can write this script using clojure but also with babashka (since clj-kondo can be invoked as a babashka pod).

Grant Isom20:07:46

Awesome, will take a look. Thanks!