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Hey, I am a huge fan of kondo and have set it up in all my clojure projects 🙂 I was wondering if there plans to add fixers to automatically fix some of the linting errors ? I’ve just set it up on an existing project and the output is errors: 151, warnings: 421 😿 so it’d be really cool if it can do some of the work for me


Thanks! Carve is an example of a project that uses clj-kondo AND fixes stuff automatically in your code. I suggest you take a look at that. Clj-kondo will be linting only.


OK amazing I’ll take a look, thank you 👍


I’ve been meaning to try Carve since you first announced it but honestly I forgot… this chat reminded me that it exists. I just tried it out on my project and wow that’s great. Thank you!


thanks 🙂


Given this in config.edn: :lint-as {com.rpl.proxy-plus/proxy+ clojure.core/defrecord}, using proxy+ does not show interface/class symbols as used. So for example:

(proxy+ []
will still give a warning that Combine$CombineFn is unused. Not a big deal nor very surprising, since it would seem to hard to cover this in general, just thought I'd mention it in case there was some other way I should configure or something.


probably linting as clojure.core/proxy makes more sense?


I don't see how the syntax of proxy+ lines up with defrecord exactly


You're right, proxy+ doesn't have a name, probably shouldn't have expected it to work in the first place. proxy+ also doesn't have the same syntax as proxy, though I'll give it a try anyway.


You can just exclude unresolved symbols in this macro


Using reify instead of defrecord did the trick. Nice!


currently clj-kondo mostly ignores what's going on inside proxy, but that will likely improve in the future