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i'm using clj-kondo to examine source files fetched from github (seeded from clojars' feed.clj). one thing i noticed is that there are files that have names that end in .clj, and they appear to be template files. they have sequences of characters like {{name}} in them. it appears that clj-kondo can pick (some?) of these out and display a message like: "error: Invalid keyword: .", which is nice, but there is no string displayed for what the invalid keyword might have been. i noticed similar messages for invalid symbols and tokens do display some string. is it practical to report what string might have been considered invalid?


It might be that it is reading it as : followed by {{...}}


So the invalid string might be just ""


ah, that makes sense -- there was another instance (the squirrel file: where the sequence was a colon followed by a semi-colon. since the line number is there, i guess i can just read the specific line and print that out. thanks @dominicm!


Np. I'm glad my years of finding ways to make clojure do weird things is useful :)

😂 4