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thanks for the very useful linter ^^ have you considered warning when referring to undefined bindings? I think joker did this, so I kinda miss it


actually, it seems it already does this, but it doesn't show up in my editor (neovim with ale), which I presume is because it logs as *info*.

$ echo '(defn x [] (inc z b))' | clj-kondo --lint - 
<stdin>:1:12: error: clojure.core/inc is called with 2 args but expects 1
<stdin>:1:17: info: unresolved symbol z
<stdin>:1:19: info: unresolved symbol b


true, it logs all unresolved symbols on the info level, but you can tweak that in your .clj-kondo/config.edn


now that this has become pretty reliable I might bump the level to :warning instead


cool! although I'm really confused why ale doesn't highlight it when it's info. I'm trying to find the setting for this, as it seems very useful to have the information


I gave up on ale for now. config.edn it is [[=