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@lee yes, i think. the cache files for clj-kondo contain def info too w/ ns info, but no file path. when the cache is created one can pass in a classpath, but this doesn't appear to get saved anywhere.


ah, I thought you might have been talking about clojure analyzer, which you were not. simple_smile Since you have the classpath I suppose you could search it as a post processing step to find your files (some of which will be in jars)... or you could ask @U04V15CAJ to add more info to clj-kondo output.


I'm building this feature: so people don't have to rely on implementation details of the cache


it's in a branch called dump-analysis, feel free to give it a go


it's work in progress, so things might still change


@lee actually, i don't have the classpath -- i was hoping to get it (or file paths for namespaces) from clj-kondo somehow 🙂 the upcoming(?) clj-kondo analysis feature definitely looks like it could be quite relevant.


thanks for the branch tip.


after running a freshly built version, i see the filepaths among the analysis output now -- looks promising 🙂



(ns wo)

(with-open [out ( "/tmp/remove.this.txt")]
  (.write out 65))
as wo.clj, clj-kondo --lint wo.clj works fine (no info messages, just a summary output). as wo.cljc, clj-kondo --lint wo.cljc gives:
wo.cljc:3:2: info: unresolved symbol with-open
wo.cljc:3:13: info: unresolved symbol out
linting took 48ms, errors: 0, warnings: 0
this is with 18d97a6c3ca7d5d9eba351aa4291fc828bd2b215 -- why is the behavior different?


Because with-open doesn’t mean anything in CLJS. You have to put a conditional around it


The export is not aware of import-vars yet


ah, that makes sense. thanks for the explanation!

Jeevaraj MV10:07:27

I’m not able to get installation process for Joker

Jeevaraj MV10:07:58

Can anyone pls let me know


@jeevarajmvsvg do you mean clj-kondo together with joker?