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hi, I'm trying to update some libraries in order to ultimately use Aleph TCP client in a native image for my project (@kingmob has been very helpful so far, here is the context I'm working through dependencies that use single-segment namespaces which cause issues in native image builds, especially for primitive-math and byte-streams. I have a PR to fix the single segment namespace in primitive-math here in this PR I also move the Java class down as well but now I'm looking at byte-streams and realizing there are many classes and namespaces that would need to move if I'm just putting everything under clj-commons so does it make more sense to just move say primitive-math namespace to primitive-math.core and byte-streams to byte-streams.core and leave it at that? only downside I see is that maybe the duplicate nses/classes are useful long term so that patches don't break compatibility. happy to know people's thoughts on this or what the standard is here edit: thinking more I don't see a good reason not to copy ns to ns.core for this, so I'll do that for now