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@sekao each time there is a match it’s a new rule firing. The cause is whatever the combination of facts it was to cause the rule to fire.


Seems an odd thing you are trying to distinguish.


fair enough. the reason i'm interested in this is that it would potentially be a way to make updating facts within rules more ergonomic (avoiding the infinite loop problem). but it may not fit how clara works underneath.


I wrote it a while ago but it was an attempt to basically dump as much info I could on the updating facts concept and how it interacts with clara and in general the automatic truth maintenance system model (which is what allows rules to be order independently expressed etc)


Hello clojurists users of Clara


I’m currently using Clara on a project and I’m kinda lost really


Lost in the designing of the rules and the facts


I wanted to know how you define what is a Fact?


What should be a fact in your system


Because this directly influence what you insert on right hand side of rules also


Currently my rules are operating on a state map that represents a requisition from outside. I have multiple records but every record has the same data inside. The rules are pretty much looking whether I have key X or not on the map. It feels wrong, it feels that i don’t know how to design the facts