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is there any way, either with the public API or with private stuff, that i can determine which fact(s) caused a rule to fire? something that i could check in the right hand side of a rule. i tried looking in clara.rules.engine/**rule-context** but the :token inside it seems to contain all matching facts, not just the ones that triggered the rule.


@sekao if you use a fact level binding you have the fact available as a binding on rhs


[?fact <- Something] =>


yes but what i'm hoping to figure out is which of the bound facts actually caused the rule to fire. so if i have three facts bound on the lhs, in the rhs i want to know which of the three caused the current execution. i'm guessing this info is not available anywhere?


during the first execution the answer will be "all three caused it to fire", but if i insert a new fact that matches the first binding, for example, the rule will execute a second time, and i want to know that the first binding was what caused that second execution.