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To: > As far as I have seen, conditions apply to > individual facts, and I'm not sure if I can put in another > condition line with just boolean logic. Can I? yes, clara represents this as an underlying join of the two facts. You could also do this in a "test" condition: For: > Also, since, as you can see, I'm retracting the Turn fact > that led to the new facts being inserted, because now the > stage of the turn is the next stage, and so the inserted > facts will be instantly retracted, right? So how should I > think about it? As you alluded to, truth maintenance( would kick in when retracting the fact, meaning that this rule would likely cause a loop to occur. I've never really thought about modeling game state management in clara, but i would wonder if the retract is necessary.


I discovered that there is insert-unconditional too, maybe I can use that