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Geoffrey Gaillard09:02:47

Hey David! I've been using for some time so I hope I'll be able to help. Based on the graph you are building, if I understand correctly, it seems normal that Clara ends up looping. You have Productive -[DependsOn]-> Productive. And you insert A -> B -> C -> A, but A DependsOn B, so clara run again A -> B -> C -> A -> B -> C -> A -> B …. You have a loop in your graph. It might be a problem with identity. You create a new Productive instance every time, but do clara knows that (->Productive "A") is identical by value to (->Productive "A") (new instance) ?


Hello @ggaillard. I filed an issue on github and I get 2 answers. I'm evaluating these answers now, but as far as I can see, it seems to resolve my issue. Here is the link:

Geoffrey Gaillard09:02:54

Ah nice, will look into it!