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@ryanbrush: @devn I’ve started building an IDE-like environment (called Clarity) for clara and have been studying clara-tools. However, I’m looking to take a different approach. Two requirements I would like to meet are integration with Cursive/Intelli-J and as a plugin for other editors


opps… hit return before I was done editing. I started it as a plugin for lighttable but abandoned that when the project team abandoned LT. I might revisit it at some point but right now I’m working on the Cursive approach first. The other approach is based on a standalone Electron/Atom editor.


A lot of code from clara-tools can be used to inform these other platforms. I’m not sure using an HTTP server will be the approach I settle on. I’m trying to leverage the existing JDI infrastructure. While it is much more difficult, long term I think it will provide much better integration… TBD.