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@marc-omorain We're moving clj-kondo to an org now: But this org doesn't have mac builds on circleci, is this something you could fix?

Marc O'Morain13:01:11

I’ll take a look now.

Marc O'Morain13:01:06

Are you moving it from “borkdude” to “clj-kondo” ?

Marc O'Morain13:01:13

github/clj-kondo is now paid for by github/borkdude's plan

Marc O'Morain13:01:16

I’ve tied the two orgs together - so anything in “clj-kondo” org should have the same access as the “borkdude” projects now.


ah that's handy

Marc O'Morain13:01:03

Thanks. You’ll probably need to push a fresh commit.


worked, thanks a lot!


was this something I could have fixed myself?

Marc O'Morain15:01:59

You might have been able to do it in the plans page, of your org.

Marc O'Morain15:01:18

I’m not sure, I can’t see the plans page easily since I have super admin access


Now I'm seeing it: So now just my account needs special settings to give all the other projects the same settings. That awesome. Thanks a lot @marc-omorain

Marc O'Morain15:01:16

Your very welcome


Does anyone know what's the CircleCI image for OpenJDK 15 with Lein? (I need to test some projects on the latest JDK) I'm basically looking for the spiritual successor of `openjdk-11-lein-2.9.1`, as openjdk-15-lein-2.9.1 doesn't exist. In general I struggled to find the best way to browse the available images for Clojure, so maybe someone can point me in this direction.


I'm also not sure that images with some tools are even distributed these days, as I noticed those were labeled "legacy images" in the docs.