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@marc-omorain Since artifact urls are not public (unlike with Github actions) I'd like to have an easy way to publish these OR to make them public by default. E.g. post the link to a Slack channel so people know where to grab the latest nightly builds. There was a feature request for it here: But it was closed without any reaction...


I could cobble together something myself, but I can't related some information from the link to what's going on inside the build:



So maybe the second number is a fixed number for the project. And the /0 is also a fixed number? This might be easier than I thought

Marc O'Morain11:01:59

The /0 is the index of the parallel container as far as I know

Marc O'Morain11:01:39

So it will always be 0 unless you are using parallelism, in which case it will be 0, 1, 2… for each container


That seems doable then

Marc O'Morain11:01:46


Is the ID in GitHub of your project

Marc O'Morain11:01:26

Things I wished that the first engineers did not do at CircleCI: used GH IDs as our own internal IDs 😞


There is an API to get the artifact links: (the API itself requires you to be authed)


ok: #babashka_circleci_builds 🙂

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