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I ❤️ CircleCI, happy user here.

Lennart Buit14:05:16

Yes, CircleCI is sooo chill

Lennart Buit14:05:21

I like it quite a lot!


I invited @logbot and @zulip-mirror-bot, so all questions about CircleCI will be archived and searchable


I've just started using CircleCI -- for next.jdbc -- and was surprised at a) how easy it was to set up and b) how fast it is, compared to TravisCI.

Lennart Buit19:05:29

yes! and how easy it is to store test artifacts, store dependency caches, share build steps between multiple builds, have builds run on a schedule, only on a certain branch/tag/… Quite infinitely configurable without resorting to writing bash scripts

Lennart Buit19:05:43

CircleCI makes me so much more productive, and I don’t even use a small fraction of its features. You guys rock!


Exactly this. Best CI experience I've had thus far.