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I just updated to emacs 27.1 on linux (PPA kellyk) and I'm getting an error Error in process filter: cyclic keymap inheritance when I try run tests through cider with cider-test-run-ns-tests. Does that sound familiar to anyone? I'm guessing some other package I've loaded is interfering. The cider version I'm running is cider-20220429.1351.


Some testing suggests that my hypothesis about other packages interfering is unlikely. More importantly, I only get the error when cider-test-run-ns-tests would return no errors. Add (is false) to any deftest and cider runs the tests and reports as one would expect.


I just encountered the same problem. emacs 29.0.50 & cider 20220501.151 . Everything was working normally (including the test reporting) and then suddenly it failed to run the tests for a ns.


error in process filter: cider-test-render-report: Cyclic keymap inheritance
error in process filter: Cyclic keymap inheritance


Yes, I didn't mention that it worked for me a few times before it stopped working. It seems it always works if what you are testing reports an error.


It is a problem with the recent melpa-stable 1.4 "Kiev" version too.


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