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FYI - the helm-cider issue has been fixed and a new version (0.5) is out. I had completely forgotten about this package to be honest. In general it's a bad idea to rely on private compatibility workarounds. At any rate - I'm glad we finally removed the last of them. Life is easier on Emacs 26+.

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Off-topic, but can you please share why life is easier on Emacs 26+ :D . Context: I maintain pdf-tools, which currently supports Emacs all the way back to 24.3. This is causing problems for me and I plan to drop support for Emacs 24. org-mode policy is to support 3 major versions of Emacs (which would be 25, 26, 27 since 28 is not yet released). If there are good reasons to drop support for Emacs 25, I might as well do that in one-go as well :D


Life is easier because we can use more newer APIs without resorting to hacks like the cider-compat.el that got deleted. 🙂 This simplifies the CI setup/speed as well. Our policy is to support whatever Emacs ships with RHEL and Debian Stable and for a while that has been Emacs 26.


Also - Emacs 28 is going to be released pretty soon, so the 3 last releases will be 26, 27 & 28 anyways. 🙂


Just check and look for * Lisp Changes in Emacs 26.1


Nothing really major, but if almost no one uses Emacs 25 at this point, why not make our lives easier and the codebase better?


Admittedly, my hand was also forced by some upstream deps of CIDER that dropped support for Emacs 25 (e.g. seq.el).


Thanks, I'd love nothing more than to drop support for it, if only to simplify my life and CI setups :P . I'll review the NEWS as well as cider-compat files. I'm hoping Emacs 28 releases soon! 🤞


Proposed two minor changes to the way cider-clojure-cli-aliases is used. Happy to raise a PR if this seems okay

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PR was raised with the changes and additional unit tests. Some of the checks are failing, but this seems to be due to things outside the scope of this change. Please let me know if there are further changes I should make to the PR. Thank you.


Looks good. Thanks!