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cider-jack-in stopped working here today as well after updating it. this is leiningen project. it runs a couple of minutes and dies with:


Retrieving mx/cider/enrich-classpath/1.5.1/enrich-classpath-1.5.1.jar from clojars java.lang.Exception: Couldn't create directories: at leiningen.core.utils$mkdirs.invokeStatic (utils.clj:71) leiningen.core.utils$mkdirs.invoke (utils.clj:67) leiningen.core.eval$prep.invokeStatic (eval.clj:83)


my uid should be well capable of creating directories


I'm puzzled by those permission issues, but at least the workaround is simple.

Brett Kromkamp11:12:03

Hi! What is the workaround (I cannot seem to find it)?


This appears to be an issue in Lein itself. I've tried this plugin over a year, in many projects, personally and in an extensive CI matrix alike.


Anyway here are some questions that would help us debugging it cc/ @shem


The workaround works, thanks. FWIW, I saw it download lots of dependencies (apparently storing them somewhere) before it bailed not being able to make directories.


If I create a new minimal leiningen project without any dependencies except clojure, I get the same error about not being able to create directories.

Brett Kromkamp12:12:49

@shem Hi. I'm new to Clojure/Cider... how do you apply the work-around?


It's odd because enrich-classpath does not use leiningen.core.utils$mkdirs which is what your stacktrace reflects. So it looks like enrich-classpath did its job correctly and completed, and then Lein failed for some reason, which might be related, but indirectly


@U0125NB5XLG M-x customize, set cider-enrich-classpath to nil there, restart Emacs it will persist across Emacs sessions

Brett Kromkamp12:12:10

@U45T93RA6 Ok, thanks! I will give it a try and report back


or if you just want to try it once, Esc : <then write> (setq cider-enrich-classpath nil) <enter>

Brett Kromkamp12:12:43

Yep! That worked! 🙂


> If I create a new minimal leiningen project without any dependencies except clojure, I get the same error about not being able to create directories. oh wow @shem :/ could you post that in the GH issue along with your JDK + lein version + OS?


will do

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I only have {:antq {} } in my ~/.lein/profiles.clj so that shouldn't bring surprises


I've created, which hopefully will either solve the issue or make it more debuggable


(`cider-enrich-classpath` was disabled for the time being until we figure out the issue with Leiningen)


question RE using eldev for hacking; after starting eldev emacs in the top level of my fork, I seem to be unable to "jack in" to a fresh lein project. I am 1. creating a fresh project with lein new sample , 2. opening the project.clj, then 3. M-x c-j-i to jack in. I am very unfamiliar with eldev, are there additional steps I am missing in these steps in order to load up a lein project?


if you scroll up a bit you can see that people hit this issue and there’s a workaround and a disabling of some feature. I don’t think it is related to eldev emacs (which i don’t actually know what that is. I thought eldev was a new test runner?)


I should pay attention more, thanks! That works for the time being.


no worries 🙂