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@plexus Great article! Looking forward to the next installment.

Drew Verlee20:11:27

Following the instructions here (like always) to start my shadow cljs app via cider-jack-in. Everything works as expected, except, when i val expressions in emacs it doesn't work. Nothing is returned, no error. How do i debug this?


I've only ever used Shadow-CLJS with web apps. But to make sure, have you had a web browser connect to your shadow-cljs server/opened up your web app?


Does the cljs repl buffer work?


what's the exact name of the feature that is failing again?

Drew Verlee13:11:37

Cider eval last expression


This is the defun in question > . How do i debug this? I'd try to understand what it does internally, the defcustoms that affect it and learn recursively about its impl details


maybe it's related to sesman, IDK, simply mentioning a usual suspect