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Hi, I have project setup with deps.end and shadow-cljs.edn, every source and test file is an .cljc file. I'm able to start clj repl and do normal workflow with cider and run unittests C-c-t n etc. I'm also able to run shadow-cljs version of the workflow "connect" with browser, connect with cider-cljs, but in this setup running unitests shows error message - it cannot connects to the clj repl - which makes sense because only cljs repl is running (and cider is already connected to it). My question is - how to make cider to run unitests in already running and connected cljs repl?


I don't think cider supports running cljs tests; you can though run your tests individually from the cljs repl as`(my.namespace/test-name)` or using one of the test functions (such as run-ns as documented at


ok, thanks