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I am getting the following error via list-packages for cider on melpa-stable:

Install package 'cider-'? y
Contacting host: 
package--with-response-buffer-1: : Not found
The melpa-stable version number mentioned on github is 1.1.1. Not sure if this is related to the issue


does succeed so I imagine the issue is the version number given by list-packages


Your local package database is outdated - a M-x package-refresh-list should fix this.


Thanks package-refresh-contents fixed it for me

Joshua Suskalo19:06:42

Is there an issue filed or has there been work to fix the bug with the debugger where shadowed vars used in function position call the var and not the shadowing binding?


I don't remember.

Joshua Suskalo21:06:56

I'll take a peek in the issue tracker and submit one if I can reproduce this on the latest cider and there isn't a tracking issue already.

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