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Nom Nom Mousse09:06:04

Are we supposed to add cider-nrepl to the project.clj of the project we want to use CIDER for?

Nom Nom Mousse09:06:40

Is there a way to use jack-in to start my luminus webapp? I get jack-in to work, but it does not connect to my running program.


> Are we supposed to add cider-nrepl  to the project.clj of the project we want to use CIDER for? Only if you're not going to use cider-jack-in.


> Is there a way to use jack-in to start my luminus webapp? I get jack-in to work, but it does not connect to my running program. (edited) I guess you should start your Luminus app from CIDER's REPL after cider-jack-in.

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Nom Nom Mousse09:06:13

Clever. Would not have thought of this 🙂


That's how I develop nREPL from nREPL. 😄

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I haven't used Luminus in ages, but this worked fine in the past.

Nom Nom Mousse09:06:47

It is working! What an incredible feeling it is to change your running program lambdalove

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Nom Nom Mousse10:06:54

I've set (setq cider-repl-display-in-current-window t) in my .doom/config.el. Still, the Cider REPL opens in a horizontal window on the bottom. Any hints on how to debug?


Did you evaluate this or restart Emacs after adding it to your config?

Nom Nom Mousse10:06:43

I think I tried restarting too. But it might be that doom interferes with something.

Nom Nom Mousse10:06:43

Updated my old doom emacs and it is still not working. Not that important though, but would be nice to have a vertical window as messages are sent to the REPL.

Nom Nom Mousse11:06:29

Would be cool with an ns-prev and ns-next like (`buffer-prev` and buffer-next) to quickly switch between namespaces.

Drew Verlee20:06:26

I run cider-jack-in-clj&cljs and it prompts me for my clojurescript repl. I pick figwheel-main and the environment dev, this correctly starts a figwheel repl server. i go to eval an expression in my .cljs file and it says i'm not connected to a repl. i try connect-sibeling and it saysn "dev" is already running. which is true. So, how do i connect? why isn't it connected?


can you post the exact message it displays?

Drew Verlee21:06:45

I will when I get back, but it's the message you get when you eval something and you have no connected repl.

Drew Verlee21:06:35

As in, there is no error. It's the lack of a connection that I'm confused about.

Drew Verlee23:06:14

So my goal is to two be able to eval clj and cljs. I think this project presents something of a learning opportunity here for me. (which is how i have to phrase it to stay sane). What i'm seeing is that it starts figwheel in the repl: (figwheel/-main "--build" "dev") So my first thought is that ill at least need to start that in the background. So i wrap it in a future, comment out the deps file where it calls main-opts to call that ns, and add piggieback (so i can connect a sibling cljs connection). The nprel server start, then i call the main fn, which firs up a figwheen server, so everything is fine. But I can't join a cljs repl. Cider-connect prompts me for the repl type and build then tells me that build is already running (bc it is). cider connect sibling seems to start a clj nprepl then errors out because "dev" is already running. I feel like i'm off the happy path but i'm not sure how to get back on. I would love to have a structured tour of repl land around this problem but i'm guesing no one is up for that...

Drew Verlee23:06:48

err ok. so if i cider-jack-in-clj&cljs. Then run the main funciton to run the server. it complains the address is already in use (which i'm sure will make sense to me in a moment) and then if i refresh the browser the assets (html and css) are properly fetched.

Drew Verlee23:06:18

Well cider-jack-in-clj&clj starts two repls and their both marked as clj. when i run start the ring server the command seems to get sent to both which is why one is complaining the address is already in use.

Drew Verlee23:06:49

maybe i should just run that command directly in one of the repls to avoid that.

Drew Verlee23:06:05

direclty rather then evaling from the file.