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I really like cider-clojuredocs as someone who’s learning; however, in a cljs file one gets 'cider-clojuredocs' doesn't support ClojureScript so I have to change the mode to clojure-mode for the buffer then it will work; however, almost all the symbols I am looking up are not specifically cljs ones… is there a way to get it to work for those symbols without having to change the buffer mode to clj and back?


I might remove this error at some point - the problem is that ClojureDocs really lists only Clojure namespaces and as some are named slightly differently (e.g. cljs.core) I didn't want to put a translation map between them.


At this point I tend to agree it'd better to just give errors about missing symbols than some blanket error statement. Feel free to open a ticket about this. It's trivial to change it.


I see on the backend that we resolve the symbols as Clojure syms, which I assume won't work when routed via a ClojureScript REPL, and this is probably the actual reason for the error message.


Ah, ok. Sweet!


Since a lot of people are coming into Clojure via ClojureScript and the community docs are so much more helpful for people new to Clojure this’ll be awesome.