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bozhidar05:04:21 You’re on the right track - indeed nREPL supports loading middleware dynamically, but this functionality hasn’t been implemented in CIDER yet. The idea was for this to replace cider-jack-in, as with the dynamic loader you can bundle some middleware with the editor that it can load after connecting.

Rusty Shackleford22:04:46

Thanks, I got it working by updating the project's deps and manually adding the cider middleware where the repl is started, but good to know I wasn't totally off base. Would be a cool feature to have eventually!


Btw, even with the warning you’re seeing the basic CIDER features will work, especially you’re using nREPL 0.8. Depends on how much you need I guess.

Steven Katz18:04:08

Hi, im new to emacs…cider seems to be starting in a window at the bottom of emacs, it used to start to the right…any idea what changed and how I can change it back?


The position by default depends on the size of the Emacs window. There’s some config to force where the REPL buffer should appear, but I can’t remember it off the top of my head.


If you maximize the Emacs frame the REPL should appear on the right.

Steven Katz20:04:20

it is maximized, and is appearing at the bottom

Zoltan Kalmar20:04:57

AFAIK it depends on the value of display-buffer-alist

Steven Katz21:04:53

dont know what that means, sorry


it means you can configure that value. Try running M-x counsel-describe-value to query the setting


I’m having a friendly debate with my boss at work 🙂 He’s showing me how IntelliJ/Cursive jumps into Java code in jaxson from the Clojure library wrapping it. I’m sure I can do that with Cider, I just don’t know how. Any tips or tricks?


i believe there are ways to go one level in if the sources are on the classpath, perhaps some other setting as well. But once there you won't have navigation. interop with java is where Cursive will absolutely shine

Alex Miller (Clojure team)23:04:39

there is conceptually no reason Cider could not match this level of support. all Maven artifacts published on Maven central (most of the Java libs you'd usually use) also are required to publish -source jars during publishing. So given a Maven library com.fasterxml.jackson.core/jackson-core 2.12.3, you can find the sources under the same GAV with the classifier "sources" (you can see this here IntelliJ/Cursive will ask you if you want to download the sources the first time you try to nav into it and it can't find them. afaik, it just downloads that sources jar and takes you to the java inside it.

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It does this even now, it’s just very few people realize they need to fetch the source jars.


More details from a recent conversation on how to simplify this -


There’s a lot more than just downloading the sources though. You have to then index them so that you know where in the source the semantic elements are.


So there’s conceptually no reason it couldn’t be made to work given that elisp is turing complete, but it’s probably a decent amount of work.


yes that level works. i meant navigating after you've hit your first java source


And renaming Java elements from Clojure source and vice versa, and doing the same from Scala & Kotlin, etc etc… 🙂