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Might also be bad interaction between several packages. I'd this without clj-refactor.el, although it has been mostly dormant for years now and I don't remember when was the last time something related to the jack-in deps changed there.


Still - fewer packages are always better when debugging something in Emacs. 😄


Here's a classic example from the other day -

🙈 1

> Very weird bug. It turns out that loading dircolors.el breaks cider. I solved the problem by removing it.


Thanks I'll try to debug this more, but since this happens so rarely it's hard to remove packages to check which is the culprit! 🙈

David Pham10:03:57

Is there a support for tap> with cider? or something to navigate between cider-results over time?


I am using cider-connect-cljs. In the cider-repl react/xxx buffer, when I run (js/alert “foobar”) indeed there would be an alert popping up in the app.


However, emacs mode line shows cider not connected. and cider-sessions returns: No cljs REPLs in current session “react/rn-rf-shadow:localhost:53969”


The remote repl is run with: shadow watch :app . I guess I have to add some cider-nrepl stuff.


Yup. Problem solved.


Say I imported with: (require ’[“react-native” :as rn]). Is it possible to jump to definition of rn/View ?


silly q, when you cider-connect how much time does it take in your computer? For me its something like 2s, it's acceptable but it makes me twitch. It sounds like a job that could be easily instantaneous Might be specific to my emacs though


Haven't tried it in a while, but it should be almost instantaneous. There's a bit of a message exchange after the connect itself that might be causing this delay for you. You'll have to debug this.


Yeah it was instantaneous and specific to my emacs Sorry for the noise!


No worries!


If you m-x nrepl-toggle-message-logging you can see the messages going back and forth with timestamps i believe. Might help you locate where the slowdown is. My quick guess is its the namespace tracker sending along all of the var information


that's handy, thanks!