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Anyone have any idea what might be triggering this message when I launch a REPL?

Error killing transient buffer: (error Process nrepl-connection is not a subprocess)


you could toggle debug-on-error and examine the stacktrace the next time it appears


Seems like it’s maybe a Doom thing.


Confirmed that this is an issue in Doom in particular.


It’s being fixed upstream, but in the meantime this is a workaround:

(after! cider
  (set-popup-rule! "^*cider-repl" :quit nil :ttl nil))


I'm trying to understand some code in clojure-lsp . To do that, I have some test code in emacs instance A, and my checkout of a clojure-lsp server in emacs instance B. Both these emacs instances are connected to an underlying clojure-lsp server via nrepl . I can successfully redefine functions this way. What I would like to be able to do, is using cider-debug-defun-at-point, to see the calls to the functions as they happen. But if I try to invoke that I get errors to the tune of:

clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: null
#:clojure.error{:phase :read-source}
 at clojure.main$repl$read_eval_print__9110$fn__9111.invoke (main.clj:433)
    clojure.main$repl$read_eval_print__9110.invoke (main.clj:432)
    clojure.main$repl$fn__9119.invoke (main.clj:458)
    clojure.main$repl.invokeStatic (main.clj:458)
    clojure.main$repl.doInvoke (main.clj:368)
    clojure.lang.RestFn.invoke (
    nrepl.middleware.interruptible_eval$evaluate.invokeStatic (interruptible_eval.clj:84)
    nrepl.middleware.interruptible_eval$evaluate.invoke (interruptible_eval.clj:56)
    nrepl.middleware.interruptible_eval$interruptible_eval$fn__980$fn__984.invoke (interruptible_eval.clj:152) (
    nrepl.middleware.session$session_exec$main_loop__1048$fn__1052.invoke (session.clj:202)
    nrepl.middleware.session$session_exec$main_loop__1048.invoke (session.clj:201) ( (
Caused by: clojure.lang.LispReader$ReaderException: java.lang.RuntimeException: No reader function for tag dbg
is there any way to get what I want? How does cider-debug actually work?