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How can I teach cider that is like clojure.core/if-let (or perhaps rather like clojure.core/let ) ?


I see it already has indent metadata. What's the issue then?


Geh, you're right. At first it wasn't indenting properly. Restarted emacs and it's behaving properly now 😕


Hm I wonder if it was a multiple repl thing. I've sometimes got several repls open, and it seems the cider-eval-* commands have an affinity for the last open repl window. Is there some sort of streamlined workflow for targeting a certain repl, without switching to its buffer and back?


There are some issues with the multi-REPL handling right now. It's on my todo to fix them (and maybe bring back the old mode of operation when you could just assign a fixed REPL to which to route all evaluation commands), but I've been super busy lately.

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My favorite old feature... I have some dirty hack that emulates it


One repl per emacs instance, the target of all evals


cider thank you, Bozhidar, for making such a power tool!


Thanks! In hindsight I think that adopting Sesman was a huge mistake, but unfortunately it's not easy to undo it. It was supposed to make working with multiple REPL easier, but clearly it made it everything more complex. 😞


It was a nice idea to be able to send forms to the right repl for eval... but I would sometimes cider-jump-to-def into some library code in a jar, then turn off read-only-mode and muck with it and eval it... and the introduction of sesman made it annoyingly tell me that it didn't know where I wanted to eval that, even when there was only one option


Yep, in hindsight sesman created more problems than it solved. If I had more time on my hands I probably would have removed it by now.