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can I open two repls in cider, one for shadow-cljs app and the other for the tests?


I’m using emacsclient, and having trouble figuring out where to define which JDK the clojure command uses when running cider-jack-in - I’ve tried fiddling with exec-path to include the jenv shims path, for example, but it always seems to drop back to the default system JDK (15 in my case), and ignores the global shim that jenv sets up. Any ideas on where to look?

Eamonn Sullivan11:02:45

Which one does $JAVA_HOME point to in your environment?


appears to be unset?


I set JAVA_HOME manually with setenv - fortunately, its rare that I have to switch JDKs


just for quil, in fact 🙂

Eamonn Sullivan12:02:00

I have to switch JDKs frequently at work (our Scala services are all still on 8, while stuff I do in Clojure is JDK 11). I use sudo update-alternatives --config java on Ubuntu, which I think sets $JAVA_HOME and it seems to work reliably. On the Mac, I use jenv, but that doesn't seem to work as well. I have to reset it now and again.

Eamonn Sullivan12:02:11

So, does that work?


setting it manually did indeed work


there’s undoubtedly more elegant ways to do this - but know where to look now


thanks for help