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Another data point on the slow *cider-error* buffer I mentioned here: … it’s also slow to popup if an exception occurs when running tests with cider and I click to inspect the stacktrace in the *cider-test-report*, that buffer takes maybe 10 seconds to open.


people have chimed in with that and then upgraded and the issue has gone away. are you in a position where you can upgrade @rickmoynihan?


As far as I know I’m on a pretty recent release cider/cider-nrepl {:mvn/version "0.25.2"} and in emacs cider , and emacs 27.1


i think when people reported it they upgraded to 25.8 and it went away


ok didn’t realise there was a 25.8; but thought the issue was closed a few years back… I’ll try upgrading anyway, thanks.


sorry i don't have information about what the actual cause was. but people were noticing this and then saying it went away when upgrading is all i know 🙂


ok that seems to have fixed it! Thanks @dpsutton 🙇


it was someone else's fix 🙂 but glad it's back up to speed. slow buffers are such a pain


I see this frequently comes up here, so I decided to give people a bit more context.