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@stuartrexking I've just cut 0.25.8 that should fix the issue you encountered.


Wonderful thanks.

Sampo Toiva13:01:46

Hi there! I'm hitting an issue where e.g. cider-eval-last-sexp timeouts and throws nrepl-send-sync-request: Sync nREPL request timed out. cider-eval-ns-form works as expected, same goes for cider-ns-refresh . Also, code run directly in REPL works as expected. Only when evaluating code directly from clj buffer, I'm hitting that issue. Even simple forms like (+ 1 1) will fail. Emacs version 27.1 Cider version 20210125.740 Any ideas on how I could fix this or debug this further?

Sampo Toiva13:01:57

Restarting nrepl seems to fix this occasionally.


A more detailed stacktrace would be useful. This timeout is just the result of something else going wrong.

Sampo Toiva07:01:35

@U051BLM8F I turned on debug-on-error and here's the result for evaluating (+ 1 1) in just restarted REPL: That's inside a project, and I've yet to test will this manifest in a simpler setup.


have you tried disabling eval-sexp-fu-flash ?

Sampo Toiva09:01:50

Nope, not yet. Good idea.