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@ps There's no "proper" support for running cljs tests yet, but you can always run them from the REPL and maybe create some simple wrapper commands around this.


If someone's into Discord - I've a started a CIDER server there (I've been getting more and more frustrated with Slack lately and I want to explore some alternatives). Here's an invite in case someone's interested in joining it

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Slack is annoying but Discord has a horrible privacy policy and the lack of threads makes long conversations hard to follow I'm definitely in favor of exploring alternatives but Discord seems even worse to me than Slack...

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Perhaps. At least it has history retention. 🙂 I'm not familiar with its privacy policy, but I kind of like the simplicity of its UI.


> At least it has history retention. yeah that can be an issue. There's a though which for the most part should make up for slack's short history Data retention has become more complicated since GDPR though 😄 > I kind of like the simplicity of its UI Indeed, discord definitely does a lot of things right (otherwise it wouldn't be so popular among gamers!) 🙂 Btw discussions about the privacy friendliness of discord come up every now and then on reddit. Like


Discord also allows to split the discussion by topic. Here's what it looks like now:


I'd recommend giving Zulip a shot for longer discussions, and the clojure community there has the benefit of mirroring messages on this slack


I've got no doubt that there are other good options, but I don't want to end up in 20 chats and one of the primary reasons I like Discord, is that I don't use it only for CIDER.


That's pretty much the only reason I use Slack as well - it's the chat we use at work. Otherwise it's unlikely I would have been running Slack just for the Clojurians community. My message was geared mostly towards Discord users and people who dislike Slack.